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Submit swap from smart contract

POST /api/v1/swap/from-contract/:encoded

Following the encode swap API, this API will submit a cross-chain swap from a smart contract. See usage instructions.

Path Parameters
  • encoded hex_string_32_bytes required

    The encode of a Meson cross-chain swap, returned by the encode swap API.


    Example: 0x010000989680d8000000000018740e1f000000138800640554a003c60202ca21

Request Body required
  • hash hex_string required

    The transaction hash that triggered Meson's smart contract.


Successful operation

If your request data is valid and the cross-chain swap is submitted to Meson protocol for processing, you will receive a swapId in response. Please use the next API or go to[swapId] or[swapId] to check the swap status.

  • result object
  • swapId hex_string_32_bytes

    The unique id for the swap. Check swap status with the next API or on Meson Explorer (mainnet or testnet).