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What is Meson?

Meson is a stablecoin swap protocol enabling fast, safe, and costless stablecoin flows among Ethereum, Layer 2s, and major high-performance public chains. By leveraging its novel product design and technology stacks, Meson offers point-to-point swaps among major stablecoins on supported networks, bringing users quick confirmations, minimal fees, and zero slippage. To ensure its security and reliability, Meson has undergone rigorous audits by leading security companies in the industry.

Why Integrate Meson?

Meson integration offers the following advantages to your web3 applications:

  1. Instant Support of Various Chains: Meson's protocol opens up the capability for your web3 apps to instantly support multiple blockchains and Layer2s, dramatically expanding the services you can offer to your users.

  2. Access to a Greater User Base and Increased TVL: By extending your reach to users and assets on various chains, Meson allows your web3 app to achieve rapid growth in both user base and Total Value Locked (TVL).

  3. Fast and Efficient Transactions: Meson is built to provide quick confirmations and transactions with minimal fees, enhancing the user experience on your platform.

How to Integrate Meson

Meson offers three primary methods of integration:

  1. Link Integration: This method requires merely adding a link. A popup window will then guide the user to complete the cross-chain transfer. Link integration is a fast and easy way to integrate Meson, ideal for platforms wanting a quick setup to leverage Meson's cross-chain capabilities.

  2. SDK Integration: For a more seamless user experience, you can install the SDK. Beyond the features of Link integration, SDK integration displays your app name & icon, and enables direct interaction with your app's smart contract during a cross-chain transfer. This integration is perfect for DeFi, SoFi, and GamiFy applications.

  3. API Integration: If you prefer backend integration, you can directly use the Meson protocol through APIs. This method is especially suitable for cross-chain traders and payment service providers.

Detailed guides on each of these integration methods are available in the following documentation pages.


By integrating Meson, you can truly harness the power of cross-chain transactions for your web3 applications, offering an enhanced and more expansive service to your users. If you're ready to elevate your app, consider integrating Meson today. For more details, feel free to reach out to us on our Twitter, Discord, Medium.