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SDK Integration

The Meson SDK serves as a more advanced integration method for web applications compared to the Link Integration, delivering additional capabilities. Specifically, it enables Meson interface, together with your app's name and icon, to be displayed directly in your app. Plus, it also facilitates cross-chain interactions with smart contracts.

To get started, you need to install the Meson SDK in your project:

npm install @mesonfi/to

Here's a simple example of how to use the Meson SDK within a component:

import { MesonToButton } from '@mesonfi/to'

function ComponentWithMesonToButton() {
return (
to={{ network: 'polygon', addr: '0x243f22fbd4C375581aaACFCfff5A43793eb8A74d' }}
onCompleted={() => {}}

Want to see the SDK in action? Check out a live demo that showcases its features. For those interested in the source code, you can visit the demo's GitHub repository.